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Bright Sparks recognises that many families rely on us for their childcare needs and that children benefit from continuity of care and education. Accordingly we aim to provide reliable, continuous high standards of childcare and education where it is safe to do so. For more detailed data. In order to achieve this certain policies and procedures are in place in order to safeguard against COVID-19.

These are detailed in our COVID-19 Policy and hazard controls are identified and implemented via our COVID-19 risk assessment, both of which are available to view via the links below.

Bright Sparks policy regarding COVID-19

The fundamental principles of our policy are to ensure physical distancing is enabled and implement good hygiene practices as well as avoiding coming into contact with infected children, adults or anyone displaying symptoms. Our policy states the protective measures put in place for children, parents and staff as best as possible to ensure the risk of transmission is reduced.  We will continue to follow our other policies as long as they do not conflict with this policy and be guided by the EYFS as best as we can.  The main areas we will be considering are:-

  • Minimising contact with individuals who are unwell
  • Maintaining personal and respiratory hygiene (handwashing, catch it, kill it, bin it)
  • Ensuring cleanliness of the environment (especially frequently touched surfaces)
  • Minimising general contact and mixing (creating bubbles and limiting numbers)
  • The use of Protective and Personal Equipment (PPE)
  • Testing

Further information and up to date Government advice on Coronavirus can be found here:
Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance – GOV.UK (