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01179 038047

Bright Sparks, Little Stoke Lane, Bristol BS34 6HY

Preschool care from 9am to 3pm

Our Imaginative Play has been perfect for many families. If you have specific questions about day-to-day activities simply get in touch - one of our team members will be happy to help.

We are located in the grounds of Little Stoke Primary School and have a large spacious playroom with an inviting and natural outside space for the children to explore and play.

Bumblebee room (children aged 3-5 years)

We feel it is fundamental that each child has the freedom to learn and develop through exploration. An ethos central to our setting is 'learning to play, playing to learn'  We, therefore, provide varied natural resources in a safe, stimulating environment inside and out to develop the inquisitive, creative mind of children.


Sensory room & garden

All children can access our varied sensory resources where they can explore through light, touch, sound and smell.

Our garden encourages free play and investigation in the world around us. We encourage the children to explore individually and work in groups to develop knowledge and understanding of the world.


Term 1 Starts - Weds 4/9/19Finishes - Fri 25/10/19
Term 2 Starts - Mon 4/11/19 Finishes - Thurs 19/12/19
Term 3 Starts - Mon 6/1/20Finishes - Fri 14/2/20
Term 4Starts - Mon 24/2/20 Finishes - Thurs 02/04/20
Term 5
(closed 4/5/20 bank holiday)
Starts - Mon 20/4/20 Finishes - Fri 22/5/20
Term 6Starts - Mon 1/6/20 Finishes - Fri 17/7/20
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Contact us on 01179 038047

Our Preschool sessions are from 9am to 12 midday and from 12 to 3pm. Please telephone for further details

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